31 Days of Work & Worth

For the past two years, I've wanted to not only entertain but commit to the Write 31 Days Challenge. The challenge is to write every day for the 31 days of October. This year specifically, writing has been something I have been extremely inconsistent with and unmotivated to do. No more.

So starting today, I'll be posting every day on Work and Worth. Some of the things I want to explore: what does work and worth really look like, living and walking in worth, what do work and worth have in common and the ways the gospel asks us to work. The posts are not fully planned and this is my first writing moment of this challenge. 

The Work & Worth Objective: 

Work and Worth is one woman's heart to test the limits of her work and explore the depths of her worth. For 31 days, she will question what it means to be a modern Christian woman in the workplace, evaluate what the Gospel says about work and embrace her God-given worth. From heart truths to boardroom blues, her anthem will be a woman of worth.