Communities for Women of Worth (that means you)

A common thread among us is our worth. We all have it yet often times, we forget all about it. When we are reminded of our worth, we are able to tackle our life with joy and purpose. When we are surrounded by women who find worth in the gospel, we are ignited in our life's direction. When we are encouraged and equipped in our God-given worth, we can accomplish much for good. 

On that note, here are some of my favorite communities for women of worth (aka you).

The Influence Network

I have been a member of The Influence Network since 2012 and have attended their last three conferences. Although I can rave about the relationships I've built, the community I have and what I have learned, it can all be summed up into: I have met my people. "Influence exists to be a starting place to equip and encourage you in your passions and projects, right where you are." 

Deeply Rooted

When we are deeply rooted in our relationship with Christ, we are deeply rooted in our faith. Deeply Rooted believes "if you untangle all the webs, you will find one common denominator and that is the desire to improve self and quality of life - neither of which satisfy outside of Christ".


Yellow helps women bloom. Their desire is to "help you live a life filled with passion, one you are proud of. Come to discover more about yourself, and how to use your uniqueness to live inspired and passionately throughout your days."  

Hey Beautiful Collective

There is so much gospel throughout this community. It is evident what and who they value. Hey Beautiful "exists to be committed to gather, equip, empower and help raise a new generation of women who live to love God."

The Pointed Life

The Pointed Life is a life lived with intention. This group of women "exists to encourage and equip women to know who they are by knowing God more, to live a life shaped by God for God, and to lead a life that points the way to Him."

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