A Woman of Work & Worth: Jess Connolly

Within the Work and Worth series, I will highlight women who embody Work and Worth. Jess Connolly is a Co-Founder of The Influence Network and is the designer boss lady of print shop, Naptime Diaries. She is as authentic, lovely and charismatic in person as she comes across online. Here are some of her thoughts on #WorthandWork.

What does the phrase Work and Worth meant to you?

Wow, such a great phrase. The number one thing that comes to mind is that we work from our worth, not for our worth. We hustle because we know we've been bought at a price and our lives are very valuable. We don't hustle so that we FEEL valuable. My work doesn't define my worth, but my worship of the one who calls me worthy often comes out in my work.

What are some practical ways you embrace your worth in your work?

One of the biggest ways I embrace my worth in my work is by saying NO. I love to say yes, but I know if I'm living a series of days and never saying no, always agreeing to anything that's put before me - I'm probably not honoring the Lord, myself, or what He's called me to. I'm not resting in who He made me o be or my specific calling if I'm answering every single call. 

A little on worth and purpose:

I want to be furiously and passionately igniting freedom in other women as I point them to Jesus. I hope I'm walking up on purpose, walking through my day with an expectant smile, and pointing a wrinkly old hand at hearts saying - You are not too much, you are enough. Christ is mighty in you.

Jess Connolly is the epitome of a woman of work and worth. She lives in Charleston, SC with her church plant husband, their four children and dog.  Follow Jess on Instagram or read her blog

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