5 Questions for Every Woman

No matter what you do or what stage of life you’re in, you have worth.

Part of living out your worth is by stewarding your life well. How we steward our life is measured in how we spend our days. None of us want to go through our days and forget it the next morning because we were too busy or too tired. To combat this, I've put together five questions to help focus the day with more purpose. I pray they'll assist you to recognize how valuable you are - and your time. 

1. What is your schedule for the day? 

Where have you committed to be? Who have you committed to be there for? 

2. What is taking up too much time? 

Many of us have projects without a definitive beginning or end: writing a blogging, raising a family, running a business etc. It makes sense then, to remove any task or project that lingers longer than it should. For some, this may include distance between relationships that are negative or unhealthy. 

3. What is not receiving enough time? 

If there is something left unfinished and it hinders your ability to move foward, finish it. If there is someone left without enough of your time, care enough to make time. 

 4. How can you love others better today? 

Don’t go through your day, week, or month in a routine assuming the people around you feel loved and appreciated. Stop to pray and consider their needs and the state of their heart. How I love others is through a phone call, card or time together. How you love others may be through the creative arts or baking. 

 5. How will you find joy and rest today? 

If I have learned anything from my parents, it is to have the joy of the Lord. It may seem silly, but when you simply go through the motions, all you really need to do is think about the Lord and you find joy in Him. Find the joy in your circumstances and the joy in who you are. Make time to rest. Rest can be reading the Bible, taking a nap, cooking for your family or doing something creative. 

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