A Woman of Work & Worth: Natalie Borton

Within the Work and Worth series, I will highlight women who embody Work and Worth. Natalie Borton is a life and style blogger, Glitter Guide contributing editor and creator behind a handmade women's jewelry collection. Here are some of her thoughts on #WorkandWorth.

How are you an example of a modern Christian woman in the workplace? 

I think I represent what a lot of Christian women are starting to do with their lives: have children and start their own businesses at home. Whether to help support their families or as a creative outlet of some kind, I see so many women these days re-entering the workforce on their own terms. It's exciting to see so many women feeling empowered to try something new and go out on a limb! 

What are some of your favorite resources for work? 

Does Google count?! It's amazing how much that speedy little search engine has helped me learn what I know. I joke with my husband that Google has taught me more than my college education! 

 Where do you find inspiration/encouragement as a working mother?  

Definitely from the other working moms in my life. Though I do love to follow bloggers who are working moms and get insight into how they do it all, I am always most encouraged by my friends who are in it with me. Nothing inspires and encourages me more than a play date with a fellow working mom and her kids where we can chat about the highs and lows of it all!

How do you not lose sight of your worth when faced with non-glamorous business tasks and pitfalls? 

Oh gosh, that is tough! This, I'd say, is where I really am thankful to have my husband in my life. He is absolutely my number one encourager and the person I can count on to remind me of my worth when I need it. Also, Psalm 139 never fails to remind me of my worth and value in God's eyes. You can't read it without feeling overwhelmed by the way God knows you and cares for you—then business stuff just feels silly to worry about!

Natalie Borton is one of my favorite California life and style bloggers. She has impeccable taste and is effortlessly chic.  Follow Natalie on Instagram or read her blog

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