A Woman of Work & Worth: Laura Arbo

Within the Work and Worth series, I will highlight women who embody Work and Worth. Laura Arbo is the Marketing Manager of The Influence Network (and I get to report to her!). Here are some of her thoughts on #WorthandWork.

What does the phrase Work and Worth mean to you?

Personally, I love work. I enjoy productivity and being a part of a team that hustles to bring good into the world. It's much more fulfilling to me if I'm working towards goals with a purpose. If I can tangibly see that I'm helping people with whatever my work is then, I tend to enjoy it more. I also find value in myself when I work. It makes me happy to use creative ideas and skills I've learned throughout my life to get things done. I often joke with my husband that once we have children he'll be the stay at home dad. He can cook better anyway so they would probably prefer it. I worth in the work I do and I'm thankful that the Lord gives me opportunities to work hard doing things I truly love. 

How are you an example of a modern Christian woman in the workplace?

People are always watching us. We have an audience rather we believe it or not. I work from home, so my influence as a woman in the workplace is to those I interact with via email and social media. Also, how I treat my family and housemates during the week. It's amazing how we can influence people we've never even met before online so I try and be a positive example of Christ's love on every outlet I'm sharing from. 

What are some practical ways you embrace your worth in your work?

Believe in yourself. Don't allow yourself to feel guilt and shame for enjoying work. I work hard and I also play hard and sometimes you can feel guilty for neglecting one or the other. I try not to let myself get crushed under other people's expectations of what work and personal life should look like. At the moment, my husband and I are serving as local missionaries in Ecuador but we both work jobs that bring in income. We don't exactly have a typical lifestyle and we might not ever but we are so thankful to be able to travel the world together and love people while living a simple and debt-free lifestyle. 

How do you face challenges and difficult people in the workplace?

The most difficult challenges I have now are managing time. I'm always juggling Instagram and other social media jobs, ministry duties, social responsibilities and trying to figure out newlywed life in another country. The challenges I face mostly relate to my own work ethic. I am the one pushing myself and coming up with new projects for my job at Influence and other opportunities I've agreed to. I have really grown to love it but you have to be disciplined and this is not something that comes naturally for me.  

Laura Arbo is effortlessly cool and full of joy. She is a native of Texas but is currently living in Quito, Ecuador with her husband. Follow Laura on Instagram and Twitter.

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