The Work & Wait Season

Everyone has dreams and passions. Some people will not stop until those dreams become reality, some will quit at the first sign of defeat, and some will do nothing. Though struggles and obstacles are inevitable, success comes to those whom look at it and keep on moving. 

There are certain people that may or may not know when they are making us feel bad for getting one step closer to our success. It is frustrating because not everyone wants the same things. So, why can’t others speak blessing and encouragement for anyone that is doing well?

I can’t only hope but pray that we all be encouraging with our words. It’s definitely hard sometimes, but who says someone else is more or less successful than I? Who says that they do or don’t deserve the blessings they’ve received? Who says they didn’t earn their position? Who says? When you have a dream, don’t let anyone stand in your way. Don’t let the enemy, the economy, your circumstances, or even yourself tell you that you can’t or don’t deserve it. You will always have one guaranteed supporter – God.

Romans 8:31

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” 

I hope you are encouraged to find joy in your accomplishments and in the accomplishments of others. When others choose to knock you down, stand strong in knowing that God is always on your side. This work and wait season is so worth it.


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