Two Women of Work & Worth: With Grace and Gold


Within the Work and Worth series, I will highlight women who embody Work and Worth. Kelly and Andra are the two women behind design boutique, With Grace & Gold. They not only have style, but they work with grace and purpose. Here are some of her thoughts on #WorthandWork.

What does the phrase Work and Worth mean to you?

To us 'Work and Worth' means finding our identity and our worth in Jesus, and ensuring our faith is at the core of the work we do.  At With Grace and Gold, our business is rooted in faith and friendship.  Each day, we remind ourselves that our value and worth is not found in our business. Rather, it is found in the way we serve our Clients and in the way we lift up women in business.  We're really passionate about ensuring service is at the heart of all that we do, so we hope our business is not only a reflection of the work we do - but how we do it!

How are you an example of a modern Christian woman in the workplace

Together, we strive to share our faith with one another and with the women we serve.  Through our Facebook community and our leadership of Tuesdays Together in Minneapolis, we aim to lift up women in business - rather than compete. Serving women is at the heart of our business, so we believe in treating everyone with kindness - and to keep giving and giving. We believe we can all benefit from lifting one another up; success can be shared.

What are some practical ways you embrace your worth in your work?

As a Team, we have divided each of our duties depending upon what we're gifted in and what we're interested in.  However, we also do our best to share what we learn with one another, so our business is always collaborative and teamwork-oriented.  We seek opportunities to serve women - whether that includes collaborations, encouraging newsletters, or hosting meet-ups in the Minneapolis Area. At the end of the day, we want people to know our priority is faith and friendship; we wholeheartedly believe everything else, business-wise, will fall into place!

How do you face challenges and difficult people in the workplace?

We do our best to face every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow!  The greatest challenge we faced this year was seeing that our services and copy had been copied by businesses we know personally.  We are human, so we definitely feared that our business would need to change again and again to continue to succeed and be set apart.  At the end of the day, we know that if we stay true to ourselves and to the business we've worked so hard on, everything will be OK!  We're learning to be excited and completely faithful to the plan that God has for our business!

Their final words on Work & Worth:

 Overall, we wholeheartedly hope that women don't feel the need to strive and strive and strive to do more and be more through their business.  

Kelly hails from Western Wisconsin and Andra from Minneapolis. Kelly and Andra are a dynamic design duo.  Follow With Grace & Gold on Instagram and Facebook.

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