The #WorkandWorth Community Group & $5 to Spend on Amazon

Earlier this week, I started a Community Group for women just like you. This is an online community through Facebook which will officially kick-off in January 2016. Here are a few things to know about the group!

Who is it for? 

Entrepreneurs, bloggers, marketers, or anyone working to test the limits of her work and explore the depths of her worth.

What will be discussed? 

Work and Worth. The two topics many of us are faced with each day. My hope is that we are able to discuss, share, and encourage one another in these areas. 

Is there a commitment? 

Once a week, I will ask a question for us to discuss or share a challenge for us to take part in. You are welcome to answer the questions, ask your own questions, help give answers or advice, and take part in one or all challenges. 

Does it cost anything? 

No fee. But, if you want to get technical, I encourage you to engage in discussion and participate in as many of the challenges as you are able. 


If you're holiday shopping, I've $5 you can use on Amazon! 

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