Holiday Card Messages for Small Business Owners


Holiday card season is officially underway!

Personally, I like this time to double as my holiday and ‘thank you’ cards. I generally find a set of cards with a design that is aligned with my brand from Marshalls or TJMaxx (they have such great options). Once I have my cards, I make a list of all my clients, collaboration partners, mentors, and anyone who has been part of my business throughout the year. Then, I write a message and mail them.

To make it more authentic, I handwrite each of these messages and make sure to add a personal note; in addition to the general message. If you get stuck with writing your holiday cards, feel free to use one of my messages below.

Thank you for the opportunity to have helped you with (insert job or project here). It was an honor to work with you and it has been my joy to watch you succeed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I value the relationship we have. Come on, we’re better together. I’m even more blessed to keep this going with you in the coming year. Thank You and Have a Happy Holiday Season!

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you on (insert job or project here). Have a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!

Small business ownership can be tough, but it is made brighter (and better) with people like you. Thank you for your time and belief in me. Cheers to a Prosperous New Year!