More Than Numbers

Throughout the week, like many of you, I am constantly faced with the varying number of followers, readers, and likes. It places some sort of expectation that if your numbers are high that automatically equals fame or success. From a business standpoint, numbers are important and they do mean something – but it does not  always equal success. I view an online victory similar to that of an offline victory: Produce good works. Positively influence others. Love like Jesus.

Trust me, I didn’t always feel this way. I used to be so overwhelmed and concerned with the numbers. It became even more overwhelming because I had personal and professional avenues to account for. I found myself stressed out every time I sat down to write an article, post a comment, or share a tweet in fear that there was a lack of research, wit, keywords etc. It was daunting and discouraging. 

You might relate with me. I mean, haven’t you ever uploaded a photo, sent a witty tweet, or written something profound and didn't receive the response you hoped for? It took me many failed attempts at social media to recognize that my likability or influence aren't measured by numbers. That’s because numbers are not a reflection of who you are, what you have achieved, or what you are worth.

The amount of followers, likes, and retweets you receive do not determine the value of your words, actions, or life – God does. You are worth more than numbers.