Women's Equality Day

Today is Women's Equality Day, a day that rejoices women winning the right to vote (August 26, 1920) in the United States. On this day, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and "Women's Equality Day" was initiated (August 26, 1971) and established by Presidential Proclamation and reaffirmed annually. 

Though there is still a ways to go, there is much to celebrate. May we always have strength in our femininity, character in our struggles, and peace in our values. Here are five communities full of positive influence, resources, and encouragement for every woman:

National Women's History Project: Women's Equality Day Brochure

Learn more on this topic because "our history is our strength".

The Influence Network: Purposeful Influence

Influence started from the bold idea that every woman has God-given influence in her life, right where she is. The Influence Network "exists to be a starting place to equip and encourage you in your passions and projects". 

Propel Women: Mission & Vision

Propel gives women a voice by "helping women internalize a leadership identity and fulfill their purpose, passion, and potential". 

Darling Magazine: Equally Unique (video) 

It's Darling's mission "that women wouldn't just see themselves as equals, but also as individuals. That we wouldn't just see barriers as obstacles to smash, but minds to engage, converse with, and change for the better". 

Grit & Virtue: Mission & DNA

We each have a dream and purpose in life. This community equips "entrepreneurial women to build unstoppable momentum, become spiritually confident, and to never feel alone on the journey".