This is the Year (Download)

This is the year for more of ______ and less of ________. 

If i am honest, my last week of 2015 didn't end at all like I had envisioned. I even purchased my yearly planner a whole five days before the New Year (that's progress for me) but have yet to really reflect on last year and look forward to this whole year ahead. But, that's OK. 

Really, it's OK if you haven't set goals, mapped out your whole year, or started your resolutions. Life gets messy, things come up, we get exhausted, or the start of the year crept up on us. Even without the goals, resolutions, and plans, each year I create an Annual Vision Sheet. Essentially, it is a sheet of paper with some of my thoughts and outlook for the year. I hang a copy next to my desk at work and another in my bedroom. It's simple and a daily motivator. 

Click HERE to enjoy your 2016 This is the Year Worksheet!