A Woman of Work & Worth: Jessie Artigue

Within the Work and Worth series, I highlight women who embody Work and Worth. Jessie Artigue is a style and life blogger, one-half of the podcast Marriage is Funny and mentor of Pepperologie. Here are some of her thoughts on #WorkandWorth.

 What does the phrase Work and Worth mean to you?  

The phrase “work and worth” is a scary pairing of the two things that I’ve been trying hard to separate over the past several months.

How are you an example of a Christian woman in the workplace?  

Simply being with Jesus is such a core part of me at all times... I would hope that ANY place that I’m a part of (whether it be my kitchen table or my church or the neighborhood bar) would give me the opportunity to trust steadily, hope unswerving, and love extravagantly in his name. The most specific example I can think of is paying attention to the Holy Spirit and letting that presence guide my steps!

How do you not lose sight of your worth when working within the style and media industries?  

Thankfully, I learned something very important in the early stages of my business: Encouraging other women along their own path (regardless of the industry) is the best way to avoid getting caught up in my personal struggles with self-worth.

Where do you find grace (and/or inspiration) as a working woman?  

At the moment, my biggest source of inspiration is the chance to just be still and listen. (Two things that I’m historically not very good at!). I’ve taken a slower approach to business over the Summer, and the extra time in each day has made room for listening, writing and praying for His words to be what fills up the additional space in my heart.

What is your biggest piece of advice for women and worth?  

Find confidence by embracing your truth. I believe that we were created in the image of God, and living that out is such a beautiful way to be mirrors of his reflection for others to see.

Left to Right: Hilary Rushford, Ashlee Chu, and Jessie Artigue at The Influence Conference, 2014 

Left to Right: Hilary Rushford, Ashlee Chu, and Jessie Artigue at The Influence Conference, 2014 



Jessie Artigue has the most effortless style and colorful personality. Follow Jessie on Instagram, read her blog Style and Pepper, listen to her podcast Marriage is Funny, and learn her ways through Pepperologie