Scriptures for Faith and Business

Who I am and what my business is built upon is my faith in Christ. Because of this, I want to learn and incorporate these Christian values into my business. Here are a some scriptures that relate to business...

Colossians 3:23

"Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

Colossians 3:17

"And whatever you do or say, let it be as a representative of the Lord Jesus, all the while giving thanks through him to God the Father.

Philippians 4:6

 "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

Habakkuk 2:3

"But these things I plan won't happen right away Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.

James 2:26

"Faith without works is dead.

Mark 12:30

"So love the Lord God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence and energy.

Galatians 6:4-5

"Be sure to do what you should, for then you will enjoy the personal satisfaction of having done your work well, and you won't need to compare yourself to anyone else. For we are each responsible for our own conduct.

 Proverbs 29:18

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."

It is important for me to draw upon scripture to find the purpose, confidence, faith, patience, and joy in my work. How do you incorporate your faith in business? What truths do you hold onto?