The Importance of a Professional Email Address

Which business would you choose to contact given the following email address: or I would assume you’d choose the first one. This is because we feel a branded, more professional email makes a business or person appear more credible. It may seem insignificant but an email reaches far beyond your inbox. Essentially, your email address is your first impression, builds your credibility, and promotes a certain level of trust. On the other hand, an unprofessional or unbranded email address is not a great way for job seekers or business owners to present themselves. 


Ask yourself this question: What impression does my email address create? A professional email indicates you are established and professional. A cryptic or general email may project inexperience or even worse, raise doubts on whether you're serious or real.


As email scams continue to rise, many individuals may not be comfortable emailing their information or doing business with A professional email however, will provide a sense of security and reassurance. 


You can create a professional email address with ease through Google (my personal preference) for free or other email providers like Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook. To create a custom domain, you can utilize a service from Google, G Suite for a reasonable cost.  

If you are a job seeker, you want to make it as easy as possible for a potential employer to associate you with what you do. If your email address is cryptic or dated, I suggest you create a new email address (it can be temporary while applying for a job or permanent) and use your name. Take me for example, I might consider If it's not available, try variations that include your first and last name. This will make it easier for prospective employers to find you in their inboxes.

Remember, when you provide your email address, it's a representation of you. 




R É S U M É   R E F R E S H

My 2nd Birthday & Giveaways

Raise a glass, it's my business birthday week!

Two years ago, I made Ashlee Chu Marketing (ACM) official. I started out with the intent to market the worth of others. That goal has not and will not change. Within the last year, I have gained humility and perspective in terms of how to better serve my clients and how I encourage anyone who comes across  ACM. 

Quick One-Liner-Lessons on Year Two: 

It's OK to say no. 

Listen. Pray. Serve. Deliver.

Know your limits. 

Stream(line) work helps the dream work. 


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3 Things to Never Be in Business (or in Life)

When we go about life without thought, intent, or care, it will affect our quality of life. For this purpose, I am referring to our will and desire to live well. Rather than proceed in life with wavering values, uncertainty, or less-than-great quality, let’s live more ambitious and passionate.

Here are three things I believe we should never be in business or in life:


Don’t allow circumstances or your emotions get the best of you. Yes, that’s easier said than done. Just look back on the moments you missed out on or maybe the harm that was caused from not being present in the moment. A lot can go wrong, unforgotten, or passed up on when we aren’t present.


Live with intention. Commit to walk into every room, speak to every person, write every email, and take on every task with the intention of doing it well. By committing your mind to act and think with the intention of doing your best and being your best, you will automatically radiate that to others. Be intentional with your relationships, in the topics you discuss, how you spend your time, and where you place your values.


Know what you stand for. Know the type of person you want to be and do all you can in your professional and personal life to exemplify that. There is nothing more inspiring and honorable than someone who is driven by their values and stands by them. Which is why my parents always taught me to protect my character, keep my word, and help those around me (among other things). Where you place your values is where you put your time and efforts. Choose wisely.

Holiday Card Messages for Small Business Owners


Holiday card season is officially underway!

Personally, I like this time to double as my holiday and ‘thank you’ cards. I generally find a set of cards with a design that is aligned with my brand from Marshalls or TJMaxx (they have such great options). Once I have my cards, I make a list of all my clients, collaboration partners, mentors, and anyone who has been part of my business throughout the year. Then, I write a message and mail them.

To make it more authentic, I handwrite each of these messages and make sure to add a personal note; in addition to the general message. If you get stuck with writing your holiday cards, feel free to use one of my messages below.

Thank you for the opportunity to have helped you with (insert job or project here). It was an honor to work with you and it has been my joy to watch you succeed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I value the relationship we have. Come on, we’re better together. I’m even more blessed to keep this going with you in the coming year. Thank You and Have a Happy Holiday Season!

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you on (insert job or project here). Have a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!

Small business ownership can be tough, but it is made brighter (and better) with people like you. Thank you for your time and belief in me. Cheers to a Prosperous New Year!

Shop Small Guide


Small Businesses have a special place in my heart.

I come from a family of small business owners and entrepreneurs in fields of construction, creative arts, consulting and beyond. (Insert Buzz Lightyear voice here) Each of my family members and friends have all contributed their talents to their communities, large and small, in ways I also hope to follow.  Small Business to me 

Here are a few small business I recommend you support on this Small Business Saturday.

1. Naptime Diaries 

A print shop to help creatively write scripture on the walls of your home.

2. Wildly Co.

Ethically made children's clothes.

3. Gray Monroe

A curated stylish online boutique.

4. Life Lived Beautifully

Journals, mugs, and study guides for women who love Jesus.

5. Live FashionABLE

Beautiful handmade products by women who have overcome. 

6. Lara Casey Shop

Powersheets, workbooks, journals, and printables to make it happen.



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