Health & Beauty

You're Beautiful, Boss Lady

All too often we criticize ourselves for not being thinner or curvier, tanner, or more stylish . That's because being a woman is difficult. The world's version of beauty is plastered around the streets and even meets us when we scroll through our phones. We are overwhelmed with what beauty means.

Even I occasionally find myself in a struggle with the mirror or the scale. I forget to embrace the God-given beauty I was created with. I forget that whether or not I have break a sweat or put on makeup, I am beautiful, because God created me that way.


Boss lady, commmit yourself to find the beauty in the everyday and find the beauty within yourself. When we love who we were created to be and find beauty in that purpose, we live life with more intention and joy.

Here are three ways to get yourself on the path of embracing your beauty:

1. Know you were created with beauty (and purpose)

God thought you up and created you. He knows you. He believes in you. He made you in His image. He made you for greatness.

2. Take notice of all your qualities

Take note of what makes you unique. God gave you characteristics, ambitions, a personality, and a heart. It is our job to notice everything He gave us and to notice that we have a unique beauty that is all over us.

3. Rest in the beauty you were created with

By rest, I mean embrace and verbalize your beauty. Read scripture or quotes or simply tell yourself you are beautiful when you don’t necessarily feel that way. Don’t rush to the mirror or to the scale. Simply rest.

You're beautiful, boss lady.