Year in Review

My 2nd Birthday & Giveaways

Raise a glass, it's my business birthday week!

Two years ago, I made Ashlee Chu Marketing (ACM) official. I started out with the intent to market the worth of others. That goal has not and will not change. Within the last year, I have gained humility and perspective in terms of how to better serve my clients and how I encourage anyone who comes across  ACM. 

Quick One-Liner-Lessons on Year Two: 

It's OK to say no. 

Listen. Pray. Serve. Deliver.

Know your limits. 

Stream(line) work helps the dream work. 


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A Look Back at 2015

2015 was the year I developed the services, purpose and community of Ashlee Chu Marketing. As 2015 comes to a close, I am grateful for:

  • The birth of the #WorkandWorth hashtag!

  • For clients looking to start their social media journey for their business or blog, I launched the Social Media Marketing Jumpstart.   

  • Collaborations with: Laura Arbo, With Grace & Gold, Jess Connolly, Natalie Borton, Ashlee Proffitt and One Woman Shop.

  • You can now build community with other women across the internet, in the #WorkandWorth community group. 

  • Continued relationships with: The Influence Network and SoCal Girls Ministries.

  • The celebration of One Year in online business!

Thank you for making 2015 such a wonderful year.

It's My Business Birthday (and a Giveaway!)

It was November 2014 when I decided to make my hobby for helping friends apply for jobs official. I have been writing resumes, upon request, since 2012. On November 21, 2014, I walked myself into the Los Angeles's County Register Recorder / County Clerk's office and began the first step of real business paperwork. My website launched in December 2014 with an email newsletter, an invitation to Work With Me, a small glimpse of my portfolio and a blog on how to be invested in the #WorkandWorth of life. 

Fast forward to November 21, 2015, and I'm still absolutely in love with helping others acknowledge their potential and embrace their qualities (aka marketing their worth). The highlight of my full-time work week is to come home and partner with clients through:

So, what’s in store for the coming year?  Stay tuned to my 2016 Look-Ahead post next month.


In celebration of the Ashlee Chu Marketing birthday, I am excited to hold a Résumé Refresh Giveaway! Apply to win by following Ashlee Chu Marketing on Instagram and like my birthday announcement photo. Full details can be found on the @ashleechumktg Instagram. 

Thank you again for following along with me this first year of business. To those I you whom have allowed me to help with the search for a new job, internship, or to help them gain more confidence in their skills and qualities, thank you! It has been such an honor to watch you succeed!